Hi! My name is Tiffany & I'm the owner of Keystone Creative!


I am so excited you're here!  I figured we would start by getting to know one another.  I'm a single, homeschooling mom to a handsome pre-teen who happens to be obsessed with Legos & Star Wars.  I love adventure, eating out, and dark chocolate and am a self-professed cheese connoisseur! I'm always up for hosting a party and enjoy creating spaces for people to gather.  Check out the pics below for more of my Favs!

I'm  pretty sure my job is the very best in the world because I can stop time. It's my superpower! My favorite thing is capturing the essence of your special relationships.  Years from now when you look back on the memories we capture, you'll have these {beautiful, chaotic, messy} fleeting moments of childhood preserved for generations to come. 


Next Steps...

We would love to share our super power of freezing time! 🙂 To learn more and find out if Keystone Creative is right for you please call (734)489-3900 or email Book@KeystoneCreative.org